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Nature and functions


The Cartographic Coordination Commission of Catalonia is the basic body of meeting, collaboration and coordination between the administration of Generalitat and local authorities in the field of mapping and related geographic information, and it is regulated by Law 16/2005, of 27th December, and by Decree 398/2006, of 24th October.

The Commission, attached to the Department of Territory and Sustainability (DTES), advises the Government and guarantees the participation of local authorities in exercising the power to coordinate the mapping and related geographic information.



  • Ensuring that the relationship between public administrations of Catalonia that carry out mapping and related geographic information activities fit into principles established by Law 16/2005 and resolving incidents that may occur, starting from the proposal issued by the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (ICC), by means of the appropriate report.
  • Issuing a report on the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia project, and also on its amendments or revisions, after being approved by the Governing Board of the ICC.
  • Establishing rules and standards to be applied in the elaboration of maps and geographic information, the latter understood as georeferencing documentation in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.4.d) of Law 16/2005.
  • Ensuring the compliance of the objectives and priorities of mapping activity in Catalonia, in accordance with the provisions of the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia.
  • Proposing to the Government the adoption of other coordination measures that it considers necessary.
  • Issuing a report on the process of drawing up provisions of Generalitat in the field of mapping and related geographic information, based on the proposal that the ICC can issue.
  • Ensuring the dissemination and compliance of the rules and standards, the updating and availability referred to in Article 10 of Law 16/2005 and be informed about the management of the Cartographic Registry of Catalonia (RCC).
  • Informing the ICC about the position of local authorities in front of the initiatives of the state, community or international agencies, adopting, where appropriate, common positions in order to the ICC raises it to the bodies in which it participates, and be informed about the activities and relationships with these bodies.
  • Issuing a mandatory report on the appeals lodged to the minister of DTES against the resolutions related to the inscription in the RCC.

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